The Malaysia’s Caviar. After many years of research and identifying the techniques finally our tropical sturgeon is adapted and capable of producing caviar in Malaysia’s environment. 100% Local Luxury is born.

Invested millions of ringgit and countless years of failure, loss of thousand fishes, every sturgeon expert overlooked the project and they give up and do not expect Malaysia’s Caviar to success.

Today, the sturgeons grow in the fresh forest water, which is very pristine and pure that has a pH value of seven to ensure the sturgeon optimal growth. With the combination of natural resources, the harvested Caviar’s quality and standard are World Class!

Caviar is one of the Most Expensive Delicacies because the amount of sturgeon in the world is limited which makes caviar a scarcity. Most importantly, sturgeon takes at least several years to a decade in order to mature and produce caviar. While it is harvested, it only produces a limited amount of caviar to meet the high market demand and needs to go through advanced technology and complicated procedures to prepare. 

Siberian Caviar

RM388.00 MYR

Hybrid Kaluga Amur Caviar

RM499.00 MYR