Hakka Yam Abacus


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  • This is a traditional Hakka dish. The round yam abacus symbolizes reunion, wealth, and prosperity. These yam abacuses are soft, chewy, and full of yam aroma. You can serve this as a dish or even eat it as a snack。
  • Serving: 3~4 person
  • Cooking Instruction: Without deforesting, put pouch in boiling water and keep fire on for 15-20 minutes. (Yes, our food grade pouch are high temperature resistant and after boiled and cooked, food are proven safe for consumption)
  • 这是传统的客家菜。芋头算盘子象征着团圆,财富和繁荣。我们的芋头算盘子吃起来柔软,耐嚼,充满芋头的香气。
  • 3~4 人份
  • 烹饪说明:无需解冻,等水沸腾后,连铝箔袋一起煮15~20分钟 (是的,我们的食用级铝箔袋经过测试,非常耐高温,被证实食物可以安全食用)

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  • Cooking Instruction Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1FQqcqu-0Y
  • Traditional Chinese Hakka/Teow Chew Dishes
  • Natural Ingredients only. No Colouring and No Preservatives.
  • Food Grade Packaging. Food safety heavy metal testing approved.
  • Perfect Home Cooked Meal. Our customers always come back for more! 
  • Storing: In the freezer. Expiry date printed on each individual packet. IF really cant finish, can store the remainder in an air-type container and store in the freezer. Recommended consume the remainder within 1 or 2 days because there’ s no preservative.