Japanese A5 Wagyu

Japanese beef cattle are raised in a stress-less environment and they are fed with a mixture of hay and highly nutritious grain such as corn, grain sorghum, rice, wheat and barley. The high quality cattle feed in Japan is the reason for their delicious and high quality Beef.

A5 is the highest grade given to a Beef, only A4 and A5 grade can be consider as ‘Wagyu’. A is for above average (as in high quality meat one cattle can offer) and 5 is the highest grading in meat quality, evaluated from the following 4 points, Marbling, Colour and Shine of Meat, Firmness and Texture.

The beauty of the marbling, texture and the quality of the meat that seems to melt in your mouth is what makes A5 wagyu a high quality and delicious meat.

We are supplying the #1 Wagyu Brand in the world. Kagoshima Wagyu is the Top 1 Wagyu Beef in the world as Kagoshima took FIRST PLACE in 2017 “Wagyu Olympics” and Wagyu Olympics is held every 5 years.




我们的和牛是来之Kagoshima供应的。Kagoshima Wagyu是现金排名第一的和牛品牌。在5年举办一次的“和牛阿林匹克”中,Kagoshima Wagyu荣获了世界第一 (2017)。

Wagyu Burger Patty

RM25.00 MYR RM20.00 MYR

Wagyu Yakiniku Cut

Pick Size
RM155.00 MYR
RM165.00 MYR

Wagyu Shabu-Shabu (Sliced)

Pick Size
RM115.00 MYR
RM135.00 MYR

Wagyu Beef Steamboat Combo

RM617.20 MYR RM498.00 MYR