Malaysia Spanish Iberico

Native to the Iberian Peninsular, the Iberico Pig is the darling and pride of Spanish hog husbandry. Not only is the skin colour of Iberico Pig (black) different from mainstream white pig, there are many differences in their living environment and feeding.

Iberico Pig is living in a natural environment, they are fed with the natural ingredients of mother earth and Iberico Pig has the freedom of running in the open field, therefore Iberico Pig is stronger, more active and their muscles will develop and grow.  

Iberico Pig is freed at the Dehesa, where they can freely eat the fallen acorn. Acorn is their favourite food and they eat a lot of them where this will increase their fat. Other than being high in fat, a large amount of fat is actually Oleic Fat, the basic component of Olive Oil. Studies suggest that Oleic Fat has various health benefits  (Vitamin B1, B6, B12 antioxidants, high in Omega 9 and ability to lower bad cholesterol level).

Making Iberico Pork the most healthy of all animal fats, even healthier than some fats of plant origin. Acorn diet of the Iberico Pigs give a very unique flavor to the pork and you can taste nutty flavor in Iberico Pork, which makes them very healthy, special and yummy!

Ready to Eat BBQ Iberico Baby Back Ribs

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Iberico Sliced Collar

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Iberico Sliced Belly

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Ready To Cook Iberico T-Bone Chop

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Iberico Pork Steamboat Combo

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Ready to Eat Mala Baby Back Ribs

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