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Wing Heong

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BBQ Gourmet Honey Bacon
As WingHeong's latest product, our barbecued honey bacon offers up a finger-licking good taste from ..
BBQ Traditional Signature Sliced Pork
THE ALL TIME BEST SELLER! MADE FROM 100% LEAN MEAT! Every sliced meat is carefully marinat..
Crispy Pork Floss
BEST SELLING FLOSS! Made only from top quality lean pork, it is simmered for hours before addin..
BBQ Traditional Spicy Sliced Pork
TO ALL SPICY LOVERS! There is always extra in WingHeong's dried meat. MADE FROM 100% LEAN MEAT! Ever..
Crispy Pork Floss With Sesame & Seaweed
BEST SELLING FLOSS! SESAME & SEAWEED LOVERS! Made only from top quality lean pork, it is si..
BBQ Traditional Dried Chicken
Our minced chicken offers up a new intriguring new taste for dried meat lovers - the minced mea..
Crispy Chicken Floss
Our floss is made from 100% top quality chicken breast, it is simmered for hours before it is b..
BBQ Traditional Dollar Meat
Made from 100% top quality minced pork, this dried meat is marinated with a light soy sauce and mari..
BBQ Traditional Minced Pork
Our minced dried meat is made from 100% top quality minced pork. The ground meat are caref..
Crispy Chicken Floss With Sesame & Seaweed
SESAME AND SEAWEED LOVERS! Our floss is made from top quality chicken breast, it is simmered fo..
BBQ Traditional Sliced Beef
Our minced pepper and chili minced beef is for those who savors spicy flavor. Our bakkwa is made fro..
Crispy Onion Pork Floss
Made only from top quality lean pork, it is simmered for hours before adding the mixture of onions,&..
BBQ Traditional Ostrich Meat
TO ALL HEALTHY MEAT LOVERS! IT'S RED MEAT IS LOW FAT. This dried meat is made 100% hi..
Crispy Spicy Pork Floss
TO ALL SPICY LOVERS OUT THERE! There are more varieties for everyone. Made only from ..