Carbonara Pasta Sauce


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  • READY TO EAT: Well cooked pasta sauce, all you need to do is defrost and reheat!
  • Classic and Famous Italian Dishes, favoured by people from all over the world!
  • Serving: Enough for 2 to 3 persons.
  • Ingredients: Smoked Duck, Herb, Butter, Cream, Chicken Stock, Salt and Pepper
  • 即食:已煮熟的意大利面白酱,只需解冻和加热就能食用
  • 经典和著名的意大利面酱,受到世界各地人们的青睐
  • 足够大约2~3人份
  • 食材:烟熏鸭,香草,黄油,奶油,鸡肉,盐和胡椒粉