7 in 1 GohMay's Sauce Paste

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7 in 1

  • Gohmay's Kam Heong Paste 甘香即煮酱料
  • Gohmay's Marmite Paste 妈密即煮酱料
  • Gohmay's Salted Egg Yolk Paste 咸蛋即煮酱料
  • Gohmay's Chicken Curry Paste 咖喱鸡即煮酱料
  • Gohmay's Rendang Paste 干咖喱即煮酱料
  • Gohmay's Nyonya Style Steam Fish Paste 娘惹风味蒸鱼酱
  • Gohmay's Chilli Bean Paste (Steaming Sauce) 辣豆瓣即煮酱料(清蒸酱)


  • Suitable for cooking with meat and seafood 
  • Pair with rice and noodle
  • Help you save up time for preparing and cooking
  • Compliment to your meal, enhance your meal flavors!
  • 适宜煮肉,蔬菜或海鲜
  • 还可以配饭或者面
  • 帮您节省准备酱料的时间
  • 帮您轻松调制好酱料,增加好吃的味道!