Mala Flavour Chicken Chop


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  • Chili and Sesame Pepper imported from China to create the authentic Si Chuan Spicy Flavour
  • 辣椒和麻椒都是从中国当地进口,为了打造正宗四川风味


  • Ready to Serve in 5 minutes! Pan Fry each side for 40~45 sec with medium heat and some oil, repeat 3~4 times.
  • Other prepare method: Foil and heat in oven / Air Fryer
  • 70% of our ingredients and spices are imported from overseas (Premium!)
  • Strictly no preservative, no 添加
  • Recipe developed by our Master Chef with over 13 years of experiences
  • Million Pieces sold in merely 6 months!
  • Guarantee the use of Fresh Chicken (ISO and GMP quality certifications)
  • Chicken Chop parts are Chicken Drumsticks and Chicken Thigh
  • Marinated and Ready To Grilled
  • 5分钟内就能享用!使用烧油和中火,鸡扒每一面煎40~45秒,重复3~4次就能完成
  • 其他准备方法:烤炉铺锡纸烤 、气炸锅
  • 70%的调味料都是从国外进口
  • 无添加防腐剂
  • 鸡扒是我们拥有13年掌厨经验的厨师特别研发!
  • 半年内超过百万鸡扒售出
  • 使用最新鲜的鸡肉制作(鸡肉厂家拥有ISO和GMP品质认证)
  • 鸡扒都是鸡腿和鸡二肚
  • 腌制鸡扒,只需要你煎熟