Onion Pork Floss


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Made only from premium quality lean pork, it is simmered for hours before adding the mixture of onions, light salt, soy sauce and Wing Heong's secret ingredients to create the perfect floss for everyone. It is slowly baked to perfection. In results, a perfect combination of light and savoury fluffy floss is made and its taste is a great complement for congee and sandwiches.


Pork, Sugar, Salt, Pepper, Monosodium glutamate, Oil, Crispy dried shallots


Serving Size : 50g

Unit Per 100g Per Serving (50g)
Energy / kcal kcal 450.0 225.0
Protein / g g 44.9 22.45
Carbohydrate / g g 28.5 14.25
Fat / g g 17.4 8.7
Sugar / g g 16.3 8.15