Ready to Eat Iberico Bak Kut Teh


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  • Comes with Iberico Pork as well, such as Iberico Spare Ribs, Iberico Pork Belly Meat & Lean Meat.
  • Bak Kut Teh soup mix purely with herbs without the adding of MSG.
  • Serving: 2 persons. Perfect home cook meal.
  • 黑毛猪肉骨茶包括了排骨,五花肉和瘦肉
  • 纯药材用心煲的肉骨茶,没有添加味精
  • 约两人份,完美的用餐

Ready To Eat Iberico 即食黑毛猪

  • Ready To Eat Meal prepared using the Finest Ingredients to produce delicious dishes that bring family together.
  • Iberico Meats are imported from Spain. 
  • Save time and enjoy the convenience of tasty prepared Iberico Meal by our master chef without the hassle of cooking from scratch. (Prepare and Eat in few minutes)
  • Food Grade vacuum packaging preserves the smell, taste and freshness of the Iberico Pork, making it still juicy and flavourful. 
  • 使用高级食材准备的即食美味佳肴
  • 从西班牙进口的“黑毛猪”
  • 由我们的大厨研制,美味方便又省时,只需要几分钟就能无烦恼准备好
  • 食用级别的真空包装。保留了其新鲜感,保持了我们黑毛猪多汁的口感和味道