Wagyu Shabu-Shabu (Sliced)


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  • A5 Japanese Wagyu (Highest-Grading) A5 日本和牛 (最高等级)
  • Obvious Marbling 明显的大理石花纹
  • Tenderness and Melt-In-Your-Mouth 入口即化
  • Flavourful 和牛原味
  • Wagyu Part 和牛部位:Chuck Roll is the “Golden” cut that are made for Yakiniku and Shabu Shabu. Chuck Roll 是用来做Yakiniku Shabu-shabu 里的黄金部位

Gohmay’s Wagyu Shabu-Shabu Cut is perfect for hot pot and shabu-shabu lover.

The key to a perfect shabu-shabu or hotpot meal is the use of premium quality meat, and we are talking about Wagyu Sliced Beef!

Feel the tender wagyu and its rich flavours melt in your mouth now!


Gohmay 的和牛火锅切片是火锅的最佳搭配!


一片一片的A5和牛,大理石花纹(和牛脂肪) 和火锅的结合,扑鼻的香味马上就在嘴里‘入口即化’。