Wagyu Yakiniku Cut


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  • A5 Japanese Wagyu (Highest-Grading) A5 日本和牛 (最高等级)
  • Obvious Marbling 明显的大理石花纹
  • Tenderness and Melt-In-Your-Mouth 入口即化
  • Flavourful 和牛原味
  • Wagyu Part 和牛部位:Chuck Roll is the “Golden” cut that are made for Yakiniku and Shabu Shabu. Chuck Roll 是用来做Yakiniku 和 Shabu-Shabu 里的“黄金”部位

    Yakiniku is a popular style of eating wagyu and the word “Yakiniku” is the name for "Barbeque" in Japan. Yakiniku focus on the natural flavour of the meat.

    Oftentimes people avoid adding any flavour while grilling the Yakiniku meat because wagyu meat is flavourful itself. Additional flavouring is often no more than a bit of salt or squeeze of lemon in order to not ruin the wagyu’s flavour or pair with dipping sauces.

    Yakiniku 在日本是一个盛名的吃法,而Yakiniku就代表了“烧烤”。Yakiniku 的吃法就是特别为了将和牛本身的美味完全带出来,以和牛的原味为主的。