About Wing Heong Dried Meat Bakkwa Malaysia

Wing Heong Bak Kwa shops in Malaysia.


Wing Heong History

We are a second-generation family business established in 1972. Our traditional Bak Kwa has been loved by generations since we first opened our doors in since 1972.

The Wing Heong taste, make dried meat products already 49 years in selling dried meat business and still remains one of the most recognizable brands in the Bak Kwa business. A unique taste that can only be produced by grilling every handcrafted slice with Wing Heong family sauce recipe.

Our factory Wing Heong Bak Kwa Seri Kembangan located at No 2, Jalan Indah 7/7, Taman Industri Selesa Jaya, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor. Dried meat Selangor are dried meat Seri Kembangan. Buy online now or self-pickup option available at checkout.

Wing Heong Products

Among the Bak Kwa available in Wing Heong include the classic pork, chicken, beef, ostrich and spicy pork BBQ meat. Wing Heong Food Industries selling Bak Kwa products are only made using all natural premium quality ingredients and no preservatives added.

The Wing Heong brand is synonymous with grilled Bak Kwa made from first grade meat that has never been frozen. Wing Heong gets consumers debating are two main types of Bak Kwa in Malaysia, two versions Bak Kwa namely sliced pork and minced pork.

The barbecued meat practices a set of unchanging principles to which we will always be dedicated to 100% natural ingredients, with no added preservatives, no added meat tenderiser, no added artificial colouring, flavouring. In such way, dried meat can be stored in refrigerator to extend the shelf life (30days). Hence please consume within 10 days for Traditional Pack.

Wing Heong Production

It's about taste of our Bakkwa. Our tradition isn't about doing things the century old way. A unique taste that can only be created by smoking our Bakkwa over a bamboo mesh.

The first dried meat brand is created by smoking the variety dried meat over a bamboo mesh compare to another Bak Kwa sellers are grilling their dried meat on stainless steel mesh instead. Hand weaved using a traditional bamboo sieve, it is smothered slowly for hours over live coals in our secret old recipe.

Unique taste that can only be knock together with precisely handcrafted each and every piece of our BBQ meat to the barbecue are handmade.