Festive Gift Boxes 佳节礼盒

Wing Heong CNY Bakkwa Dried Meat Gift Box + Meat Floss 永香新年礼盒 Baked dried meat is available for a limited time, Bakkwa gift box set are exclusively available for Chinese New Year Season. Back Popular Demand. Buy Bak Kwa Brand New with Gift Box! Our Gift Box Set flavour of Bak Kwa comes in 1 x 600g + 1 x 200g Meat Floss starting price is RM97.

Bak Kwa in Malaysia. Must have for Chinese New Year 2021 & Bak Kwa during Chinese New Year Period 2022. The popular snack during Chinese New Year, long queue at the Bak Kwa shop for Chinese New Year when the festive draws near. One of the most delectable aromas in Asian Chinatowns is the smell of delicious Bak Kwa being roasted on a carefully roast over moderate charcoal fire brazier there is stall along Petaling Street (Chee Cheong Kai). People tends to buy a lot of dried meats during this season.

Associated with Chinese New Year Eve & Bak Kwa available during the Chinese New Year. The most popular meat is pork, Bak Kwa is a famous as dried meat (barbecued dried meat) and dried chicken meats with a myriad of seasonings such as soy sauce, fish sauce, honey and sugar before being grilled to a gloriously smoky finish. The color red is considered auspicious have a common theme in gifting Bak Kwa as gifts.