時代變遷, 永香依然堅持延續傳統的好滋味, 不僅全手工製作, 更保留傳統的竹香烘烤方式。 永香肉乾絕不採用冷凍肉製作, 每日嚴選上等的新鮮肉品搭配家傳醬汁秘方, 在經過竹烘及烤後, 竹香滲透其中, 大大提升肉乾的香味層次, 因此每一片永香肉乾都是傳統好滋味, 每一口都 讓你吃得好滿【竹】。

永香肉乾, 讓傳統的精髓永相傳, 讓最滿足的好滋味, 永·香·傳·。


Our tradition isn't about doing things the old way.

Our tradition isn't about nostalgia.

Nor is it about being traditional for the sake of being traditional.

It's about taste.

A unique taste that can only be created by smoking our bakkwa over a bamboo mesh.

A unique taste that can only be produced by grilling every handcrafted slice with our family recipe sauce.

A unique taste that can only be made by using only first-grade meat that has never been frozen.

The same unique taste that has been loved by generations since we first opened our doors in 1972.

The Wing Heong taste.

The taste is our tradition.